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Christine Blundell is Principal of Village Dancentre Fellow and Examiner of IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association). Classes for children and teenagers in Latin, Ballroom and Freestyle Dancing. Adults Sessions, Wedding Dance, Private Lessons Sessions are held in Altrincham.

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Baby Ballroom Class

Did you enjoy watching ‘Strictly?’  If you did I’m sure your children loved it too.  Children love to dance to rhythmic music, they will mimic the dancers on the TV screen and twirl around pretending that they are dressed up and dancing around the ballroom.  How fabulous is the world of ‘make believe?’  But it […]

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5 Reasons children should learn to dance

5 Reasons children should learn to dance I believe that we all have an inbuilt rhythmic response to music.  If you doubt this then put on your favourite music and see how it makes you feel and how you respond to it.  Do you find yourself tapping your foot, swaying in your seat to the […]

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Fun, FREE afternoon in Offerton – Dance Open Day

Strictly Come Dancing has returned to our television screens and ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ people are talking about dancing again.  People who have no prior dance training are enjoying watching and giving their opinions of the dance routines performed by the celebrities and professionals.  It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.  But […]

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Dance. So what are you frightened of?

Many people enjoy dance as a social pastime, it may be at the occasional Dinner Dance, Wedding or Christmas Party but there are always people who are happy to get up, dance comfortably around the dance floor to one or two different rhythms and then return ‘smiling’ to their seats. But then there are others […]

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Why do you dance?

Welcome to the blog on my ‘brand new’ Village Dancentre website. I intend to post lots of dance related articles and information that I hope you will enjoy reading. But first I would like to ask you a question…… Why do you dance? Many people notice how very young children enjoy dancing and moving to […]

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