Dance. So what are you frightened of?

Many people enjoy dance as a social pastime, it may be at the occasional Dinner Dance, Wedding or Christmas Party but there are always people who are happy to get up, dance comfortably around the dance floor to one or two different rhythms and then return ‘smiling’ to their seats.

But then there are others who always find these situations rather difficult.  They long to  be able to know what steps to dance to each rhythm.  They ask themselves ‘how do those other people know if its a Waltz or a Cha Cha Cha’, what is it about the music that tells them that?  More to the point how do you find the rhythm in a Rumba!!  Impossible to the untrained dancer.  On these occasions many people make a promise to themselves to take some lessons so that the next time they find themselves in a similar position they will be confident and be able to dance without worrying if they are ‘off time’ or going the ‘wrong way round the dance floor’.  The truth is that these promises are usually never fulfilled and its like being in a wheel, suddenly realising at the next function that they or their partner are unable to dance.

For those who do make the effort to search out their local dance school following the holiday or Christmas Party there is the added worry of  ‘if I join a class will I be the only one who can’t dance?’ or ‘will I take longer than the others to pick up the steps’ ‘what if I keep treading on my partners feet’.  The list goes on.  In truth you will find that a good dance teacher will anticipate these fears and quickly take action to make you feel both welcome and comfortable while learning the steps.  You should not feel rushed into harder dance routines until you have fully mastered the basics and are happy to move on.  If you learn in this way then it will be enjoyable, everyone learns at a different pace and some days will be better than others just like anything else you do in life.  Before you know it you will be confidently taking to the dance floor at the next social function and wondering why you did not take action earlier.

Christmas is fast approaching (sorry about the reference to Christmas so early!) and you could be Waltzing around the dance floor or Jiving the night away right into the New Year.  Don’t forget the ‘Hardest Step’ is usually the first one through the door at your local Dance School.  Why not treat yourself to some lessons either in a class or private tuition ready for the festive season.

Christine Blundell is a Dance Teacher and Examiner  for the IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) with 30 years dance teaching experience, who also remembers the experience of taking the ‘frightening first step through the door’ of her local dance school!

Photo of adults who have attended many classes at Village Dancentre…….and still smiling!


About Christine

Christine Blundell is Principal of Village Dancentre Fellow and Examiner of IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association). Classes for children and teenagers in Latin, Ballroom and Freestyle Dancing. Adults Sessions, Wedding Dance, Private Lessons Sessions are held in Altrincham.


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