Why do you dance?

Welcome to the blog on my ‘brand new’ Village Dancentre website. I intend to post lots of dance related articles and information that I hope you will enjoy reading. But first I would like to ask you a question……

Why do you dance?

Many people notice how very young children enjoy dancing and moving to the rhythm of the music. They comment on how they clearly have a talent and that they must find a dance school in order for their child to be properly trained.

That’s great news and when people attend dance classes there are other benefits to be gained. Dance gives you that ‘feel good factor’, you can escape from the limitations of your day and be free to express yourself. Dance releases endorphins into the body so it acts as a mood enhancer.  Joining a dance class can increase self-confidence and build social skills. Because physical activity reduces stress and tension, regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being. It also develops your flexibility and range of motion and gives the heart and lungs a ‘work out’ and improves your cardiovascular health.  More recently studies have shown that dance helps to improve our memory as we learn steps, routines and dance patterns and this mental exercise keeps your brain fresh and alert.

So when you learn to dance you are improving your health, making new friends, developing your confidence and self esteem whilst learning a lasting social skill, all at the same time. What other activity gives you so much benefit and pleasure too?

But to return to the initial question…..Why do you dance? Most dancers will agree that it is the rhythm of the music that they feel within themselves – roughly in the region of the diaphragm at the base of the rib cage – that gives them the urge to dance. If you don’t like the music then you will not dance well. When you feel the engagement of an exciting rhythm your body will take on the rhythmic response and you will express this with passion and individuality.

So go on, find some music you enjoy and loose yourself in the pulsating rhythm, it will benefit your health both physically and mentally.

About Christine

Christine Blundell is Principal of Village Dancentre Fellow and Examiner of IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association). Classes for children and teenagers in Latin, Ballroom and Freestyle Dancing. Adults Sessions, Wedding Dance, Private Lessons Sessions are held in Altrincham.


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